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16/ why are you here


pretty girls with a messy bun and baggy shirts look hot as fuck but when I do it it’s like I’ve been doing drugs for 5 days straight


just saw a guy wearing a nirvana t-shirt lmfao i bet cant even name three noble truths of buddhism




do you ever feel like there’s just so many pretty girls but most dudes are just subpar like there are radiant goddesses everywhere and just piles and piles of guys in backwards baseball caps and sandals

it’s called makeup

you can put eyeliner on a frat boy that doesn’t change the fact that’s he’s wearing a neon muscle shirt and nike flip flops


if tumblr were to ever shut down:

New family member ✌️ Arya

New family member ✌️ Arya


Some women want to be house wives and some women want to be Harvard professors and some women want to be porn stars and some women want to be nuns and some women want to be surgeons and there is nothing wrong with anyone’s profession I am sick of people being rude to women about their professions oh my god


if pokemon were real don’t you think catching legendaries would be highly illegal

that would be like coming home with jesus in a ball


My dog York won’t do it for the Vine - Vine by Wellington Boyce

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"periods aren’t even that bad"



an animal not wanting me petting it hurts more than any anon ever could


i love sleeping. it’s the only time when you can escape reality.